Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Project Done!

I know I've been missing in action for awhile.... But there has been lots of projects going on and life just got ummm ......Busy! Here is a project that my hubby and I worked on together for our 5 year old. It will be her Christmas gift. A couple of months ago I found a blog that featured a revamp project using an old entertainment unit. The lady did an amazing job and we were pretty confident we could handle this project. So we found an old unit off of Craig's list, primed and painted, turned the doors on their side, cut out a hole for a sink and went to the re-store for Habitat For Humanity to get some fixtures. The burners are just old lids off of butter tubs that we spray painted black and sealed. For the window I took an old picture frame and painted and sealed it. I chose a whimsical photo and brought it into Adobe photo shop and added the grid lines to make it look like an actual paned window. We hollowed out the front of one of the cabinet doors and replaced it with plexi glass so the oven had a window. My wonderful mom, (THANK YOU MOM!) made the curtain. I think that she is making another curtain for the bottom center cubby . This will be a place for our little one to hide her dishes away when she is not using them. The shelf above the stove will hold a microwave that her aunt is giving her for Christmas. Should be lots of fun!!! Thanks for stopping by. I will try to post a little more often too. :-)


Karen said...

SERIOUSLY cool! I'll look forward to hearing A's reaction! ;-)

heather said...

FANTASTIC! I love seeing repurposed items, thanks for sharing =) I'm now following you, #248 on the list from Stampin' Connection